If you’re a DevOps enthusiast who is already familiar with some DevOps tools and methods, DevOps Unicorns is the place to be! This 3-day conference is going to gather Team Leads, Engineers, as well as Project Managers from Tech companies. Around 300 people from various countries are going to attend this event, as well as around 30 speakers with a wide range of knowledge about such topics like Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes, DevOps Transformations, Serverless ChatOps, Microservices, and many more.

First day is a full-day with instructor-led workshops where you have an opportunity to be guided in certain deeply technical topics through carefully selected exercises. All our instructors are hands-on experts and can answer questions beyond the course scope. This is the best option to get onboarded in a new technology quickly to start your journey on becoming a DevOps expert. Some courses are tailored for advanced users and explain best practices and patterns and would be interesting for seasoned DevOps experts. Second and third days are full conference days with parallel tracks, open space events, drinks and food. Networking party included in ticket fee.

DevOps Unicorns is being organised by “DevClub” – a community of Latvian IT specialists. “DevClub” also organises front-end focused conference “FrontCon”, and a tech conference “RigaDevDays”. Before becoming DevOps Unicorns, this conference was known as DevOps Days Riga. But in this fast-paced world we couldn’t sit still and decided to enhance our identity by becoming DevOps Unicorns. Our goal is to now focus not only on technical knowledge, but also on our complete well-being, therefore from this year on, DevOps Unicorns is going to incorporate activities and information focusing on our attendees’ physical and mental well-being.