This year at DevOps Unicorns, there are going to be 3 DevOps-focused workshops, each of them covering a different subject. They are going to take place on Wednesday, 2nd October at Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara. These are full-day workshops, starting at 9AM, lasting until 5PM, with coffee breaks and lunch break in-between. Let’s dive in to find out what will they be about!

Exclusive Microsoft Containers and DevOps workshop: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Thank to Microsoft, DevOps Unicorns now offers a FREE workshop for anyone who’d like to learn how to to improve the reliability of and increase the release cadence of your container-based applications through time-tested DevOps practices.

From Zero to Hero With Terraform, AWS and Friends

Anton wants to show how to use AWS Terraform modules to build real infrastructures. He will show all the code which works from small projects to very-large infrastructures.

Intro to Kubernetes and Service Mesh

Peter and Sherwood are going to explain how to do zero downtime deployments, A/B tests, how to intelligently route traffic and handle failures. All this without writing any code or affecting your services.

Cloud-Native Kubernetes-First Serverless Continuous Delivery With Jenkins X, Kubernetes, And Friends

With Viktor, you’ll explore how to create a fully operational continuous delivery pipeline using containers, Kubernetes, Jenkins X, and quite a few other tools.