DevOps Unicorns is eager to welcome the experts with several years of experience – Peter Jausovec and Sherwood Zern – at the conference! They are both coming to Riga to tell you about Kubernetes basic, such as pods, deployments, and services, where you will learn how to create deployments, scale them up and down, define volumes, mount secrets and config maps to containers, create readiness checks and more. In the second part of the workshop, you will learn about Istio service mesh. They will explain how to do zero downtime deployments, A/B tests, how to intelligently route traffic and handle failures. All this without writing any code or affecting your services running in production. Each section in the workshop will have exercises, where you will be able to practically try out the concepts on your own.
Let’s find out what the previous attendees thought about their workshop “Service Mesh Patterns” at RigaDevDays!

Sergejs Bajutins, Lead SW Architect at Tieto Latvia:
“On the practical side, I learned Kubernetes basics and Istio basics in practice. The theoretical part was in-depth and very valuable. I asked some specific questions, which I had, and Peter and Sherwood helped me with the answers. The hard questions, which you can ask the hosts, and the conversations, which you can have during the breaks and along the session, the sharing of experience with others, all this is very valuable, and you cannot simply find that on the Internet. The course gave me more understanding on how I can use Istio to design the system to the requirements, which I have.
Peter and Sherwood are great workshop hosts. Very knowledgeable, with real-life experience with these technologies, they are ready to answer in-depth questions. And with a great sense of humor also. In addition, I would like to say that it was great that Peter and Sherwood gave a brief practical intro into Kubernetes command line and configuration files. That was great, and it made the course more available to attendees, who had not had practical experience with Kubernetes.”

Valery Zemlanikin, DevOps Consultant, from A-Heads tells us that the workshop was “excellent for people who wanna use service mesh in their company”. He thinks that “this knowledge can quickly help make a decision “be or not to be” service mesh in your project.” He also states that the knowledge that he gained at the workshop is now valuable to his work life because they are planning to use service mesh in one of the A-Head’s projects soon. When asked about Peter and Sherwood as workshop leaders, Valery says that “they were perfect. Very strong in the service mesh theme, also were very friendly and had a lot of funny programming stories.”

Peter Jausovec and Sherwood Zern are going to host a workshop “Intro to Kubernetes and Service Mesh” on 2nd October in Riga, Latvia. It is going to be a full day workshop from 9am until 5pm with coffee breaks and a lunch break in-between. Tickets are available here.
Check out Peter’s invitation to the workshop below! 👇