This year, DevOps Unicorns has the honor of having the long-time developer, CTO, and tech-lead Anton Babenko as one of the workshop hosts at the conference. He is going to hold a full-day workshop, focusing on Terraform and its infrastructure. Anton is going to look at some challenges when structuring code when infrastructure grows in all directions (several AWS/ GoogleCloud/ Azure accounts, regions, teams, projects, environments, external integrations). As the main developer of verified Terraform AWS modules (, he wants to show how to use those modules to build real infrastructures. Previous year, Anton hosted a workshop with a similar topic in our conference. Let’s find out what did the previous attendees think of Anton’s workshop! 

Jurijs Jegorovs, who works at Scandiweb as a DevOps Assistance Administrator, mentions that the most interesting part of the workshop, in his opinion, was “multiple templates in single installations”, which he found very valuable for himself. He also states that the knowledge he had learned at the workshop is also applicable to his everyday life now. When asked about Anton as the workshop host, Jurijs said that “Anton gave answers to all of the questions, and it was very enlightening and interesting. I’d also recommend this workshop to my colleagues.”

Jekaterina Kunakovska, who now works at Accenture as a mid-level DevOps, but who was a junior at the time when she attended the workshop, says that she learned how Terraform works during Anton’s workshop. Even though she works with Ansible, she says that visiting the workshop was useful to understand the idea of Terraform. When asked about Anton as a host, she said that he had good explanations and gave answers to all questions and helped out during the workshop. 

This year, Anton is going to host a workshop “From Zero to Hero With Terraform, AWS and Friends” on 2nd October in Riga, Latvia. It’s a full-day workshop from 9am until 5pm with coffee breaks and a lunch break in-between. The workshop is best suitable for people who have been using Terraform at least for some time and already have practical questions, but there will be some basic information for newcomers also. Previous experience using Terraform and AWS is not required but recommended to better understand the workshop.

Participants will be provided with AWS access prior to the workshop.

Requirements for attending the workshop are: 

  • Install latest version of Terraform 0.12
  • Install latest version of AWS CLI ( )
  • Open GitHub account

The tickets are available here.