Observability – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

04.10.2019, 11:35-12:20

We like collecting metrics, possible traces, logs, but there are a lot of failures and anti-patterns in this way. How do large enterprises make it wrong and right? How to avoid common pitfalls and how to adapt machine learning to your monitoring?

This talk is oriented for a wide audience from business part to DevOps engineers. It covers common problems of creating monitoring and observability without killing your Ops motivation team with False Positives and unexplained alerts.

Problems on this side, pitfalls, anti-patterns, and how to make it right, from Google SRE recommendation of best practices to successful proven approaches based on OSS stack.

How to reduce Customer Detection (most impactful) of outage almost to zero within a 1,5 year and save a lot of money and credibility from your Customers. Find out it all during Alexander’s talk!