Getting out of quicksand, with DevOps!

03.10.2019, 10:20-11:05

Teams often find themselves in high workload situations, showing symptoms of overload and being too busy to implement the necessary changes or adopt the state-of-the-art tools to get the upper hand.

Roman says that “this is a story of how we applied the Three Ways of DevOps to get out of a state we referred to as quicksand (The more you fight it, the more it pulls you in)”.

Roman is not only going to talk about queuing theory and capacity management, but also about DevOps strategies to cope with high utilization and how to start a virtuous circle.

Key Takeaways are:
* Crisis situations are opportunities for change
* Often it takes fresh eyes or at least courage to see the problems
* High workload leads to increasing waiting times
* Get out of the quicksand with devops:
* Quantify the work and set goals
* Measure
* Less is more
* Automate the right things
* Establish a continuous improvement process
* Start a virtuous circle