DevOps to the next level with serverless ChatOps

03.10.2019, 15:40-16:10

One of the benefits of working in a DevOps team is to raise awareness. Awareness of how systems react in a production environment and what to do in order to make them more robust.

However, manual actions are still necessary in some situations and most of the times these actions have to be repeated multiple times per day. What if I told you these exceptions can also be automated away by using your favorite chat application like Slack or Teams!

By leveraging bots, interactive messages and serverless API’s, you can fix a lot of production issues with zero costs. Jan says: “I’ll show you how we’ve integrated our chat application in our workflow in order to become a ChatOps team and automate the fixing of exceptional scenarios by using serverless technologies.”

Working like this means your DevOps teams can continue to focus on delivering business value, instead of manually fixing your services.